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[ Indietro ]

U.N. Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, N.Y. 10017

Dear Mr. Kofi Annan,

I am sending you, enclosed, a note concerning a violation of Rights of People of Liguria (presently an Italian region). In synthesis an illegitimate decision of the Vienna Congress caused the annexation of the sovereign Republic of Genoa to the Kingdom of Sardinia, whose then king was Vittorio Emanuele the First belonging to Savoia House. The illegitimacy is due to the fact that Ligurian People and the legitimate Government of the Republic of Genoa were against such annexation (in fact a military occupation) and, for this reason, the Ligurian Citizens were never called to vote a plebiscite, as required by customary international laws, simply because they would have voted NO.

We gratefully appreciate if you could submit such a question to the International Court of Justice in order to obtain a pronouncement about the documented violation of Rights of Ligurian People.

The present request will be sent also via ordinary mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you I remain
Your sincerely.

Franco Bampi